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Tweaking and Tuning tool for (FSX SP2/Accel - ESP/Prepar3D) Version 1.0.7 (last change 12/8/2010 6:25PM EST)

Tells us about your Hardware so we can offer specific recomendations on improving FSX performance.

Flight Simulator X
How many 'CPUs/Threads'
show in task manager?
(Intel CPU's only)
Is hyperthreading active?
Yes    No    Don't know / NA
What's the speed
of your CPU?
What type of Video
card do you have?

* If you own an ATI card find the equivalent counterpart.
Would you like the
vSync FIX applied?
Yes   (will reduce performance slightly)

Conservative optimization mostly makes recomendations.
We'll use the information you provide about your particular hardware to suggest the most optimal configuration.  

Follow this steps to upload your fsx.cfg file so we can analize it and recommend optimal performance settings.

STEP 1 - Copy the following string in your clipboard: %AppData%\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.cfg
To copy the string, simply highlight the text in bold shown above with your mouse, then press the right mouse button and select the option that says 'Copy'

STEP 2 - Click on the 'Browse... or Choose File' button here: you will see a prompt asking you to select a file. Simply 'Paste' the contents of your clipboard (see string above) in the 'File name' field and then click 'Open'
To paste the contents of your clipboard, press the right mouse button and select 'Paste'. Make sure you 'Paste' inside the 'File name' field you'll see in the prompt that will open, then click the 'Open' button.

You are almost ready. We'll analize your configuration and offer you specific recomendations on how to improve Flight Simulator X performance based on your particular setup. You'll have the option to either receive just 'advice' or have us automatically adjust your fsx.cfg file for you. This tool is 100% safe, we analyze the file YOU send, not the one locally installed in your FSX computer. After the analysis is complete you can choose to download a custom modified version of the fsx.cfg file you uploaded with all the suggested tweaks already applied to it. We even save a backup copy of your original fsx.cfg file in case you are not satisfied with the results.
If you don't like or advocate 'tweaks' you can also use this tool as an fsx.cfg file validator to analyze it for errors and/or duplicate entries. This service is provided 100% free of charge.

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